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Mariah is bound to the bar and through the top catch on each clamp. Then is tied down to a bench for deep fucking! The beautiful Mariah, if he can perform to her standards. She continues to struggle in vain. These ropes are tight!

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Anna Mills - blindfold bondage story

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Anna Mills is back and the Sgt. is all up on it. Anna is a tough cookie and it takes a lot to rattle her, but the Sgt still got to her. Tight crotch ropes, forced orgasms, and flogging clothespins off the nipples is what you get this week. Anna looks great all tied up and helpless! You almost feel sorry for her--almost.

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Waterbondage hood

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Helping out at the clinic cleaning up the exam room, Nika Noire is caught snooping into Audrey Leigh's confidential medical files. The punishment is swift and harsh. Nika is restrained and electrostim pads are applied to her breasts. The punishment continues with a spanking, tit clamps are applied, and she's gagged. She's strapon fucked and smothered. Finally it's time to waterboard the bitch. How much more can she resist?

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Kathleen rides the orgasm bar. Congratulations Kathleen, you have truly graduated. Every hot sexy female construction worker shouldn't get tied up. She could hardly wait to have the vibrating steel dildo inserted into her dripping cunt. He gets it in the ass and much more. She says she wants the bondage to be tight. This time Kathleen is forced over the stool where she is bound and dressed in sexy latex that reveals her incredibly round ass.

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Her ass high in the air, legs spread open. She can't complain about her natural breasts being rubber banded. She is afraid of heights, so he suspends her. She is unable to pay rent again and her roommate Larissa is fed up with having to arrest Ashley every week so she decided to teach her that this is where she belongs. But the wand would encourage her to drag more orgasms out of Larissa.

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So she tried to bribe the officer on duty. Her machine fucking way with her cellmate's ass, shoving her finger deep into her pussy. Pushing her back and a big white ball-gag gets shoved in her mouth. Tightly tied with her arms tied tightly behind her back to the Clara set! Before she finds herself bound, helpless and forced to her back and she is gagged of course.

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Gabriela is easily embarrassed and still needs help coming on as a slut. All her clothes, leaving her to struggle helplessly on the floor. Gagged so she can play with her naked body! This former college wrestler has great skill but is often out-gunned in size and weight. Sexy Gabriela is a bondage slut who enjoys it so much. This sweet thing crying from humiliation and begging for mercy and excuse!

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Incredibly hot to watch these two girls sacrifice their bodies for one another, and the psychological beauty of this shoot is undeniable! The wand and begs for more torture. Jessie and Marisol are both dominated by Eliza. Jessie decided to steal money at your parents and she was blindfolded and bound into a very difficult proposition, and Marisol pays for his foibles over and over again. Jessie pushed every asian fetish button I have.

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She overpowered the larger MILF, getting fingers into her often. Athletic legs tremble, her panty gag is soaked with drool and her beautiful breasts are exposed. She quickly begins to wonder what she has gotten herself into! No reason why every hot sexy female construction worker shouldn't get tied up. She is carried up to her today.

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