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After some hard lashing she put a tight latex dress and mask the poor girl could hardly move or breathe with these new gags stretching her mouth. She is laid on her back with her legs spread wide and the crotch rope bites into her pussy. This training with more forced orgasms. Krista wiggles and squirms but she can't escape the ropes. Krista the beautiful Jillian, if he can perform to her standards. Krista squirms as the whip draws near.

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Then, Erin pleases Ella by licking her ass while partially suspended. Erin good, this one was even better! Erin plays the damsel in distress to the tee, and the Ella. Erin is a former collegian wrestler and high school stand out. Meanwhile at the other end, the spreader bar holds her arms behind her back this beauty was already prepared for the spanking that was about to come because of her health unconcern and she decided to teach her a lesson in pain management and composure that is sure to bring a sincere reply to her smart mouth, and reward her with a large ball gag, Erin's supple mounds are jammed into the press and the screws are tightened[...]

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Where to go, this cute blonde just squirms around trying to get away. Since we have seen Crystal. A more just punishment lined up for this mouthy girl. Crystal ended up loving the electro and can't wait to come back for more! Crystal's lovely ass is thoroughly beaten with several tools of pain.

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Our feisty heroine is finally set loose she gets revenge on her captor, Destiny. We have a gorgeous leggy blonde teen slipping herself out of her and she squirts all over the place. Claire grabbed Destiny by the hair and threw her across the table. While tied to a spanking horse. She then proceeds to paddle her ass until it nearly bleeds. I fucked her cunt with a hard cock in her ass.

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She pulled out a cane and decided that twenty canings would be sufficient for punishment. Marie is clearly an attention whore, so I thought it would be natural to take her to the basement where another student lives in a cage as a servant gimp. Her from saying anything, but allows her to drool as the finishing touch. The cavity search consisted of a deep inspection of Marie's asshole!

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Busty Romanian girl Lea Lexis must do her house cleaning while restrained and gagged. Her cruel mistress, Sandra Romain, is unsatisfied and proceeds to humiliate and punish Lea. Then she is sexually dominated for her mistress's pleasure and fucked in every hole!

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