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So we decided to tape this process and add another element. So, we decided that the very first time a girl came into an interview we were going to tie her up, leave her alone to struggle for a few minutes, then go in and make her cum!

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The slut whimpers, moans and cries but her punishment goes on and on. The black harness gag holds her mouth wide to breath. Gillian is left standing on the tips of her toes in an excruciating predicament tie. Gillian was caught breaking and entering and was brought down to the police station by Felicia. She thought in the back of her mind she might have a decent chance of winning.

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Wendy is an industry legend with a genuine love for fucking and the ability to take just about anything in her ass! We have all been waiting for! Wendy is bound in a Gianna bra to replace the bikini top she now has in her mouth. The sexy brunette is silenced with a white gag, and all her feminine charms are exposed. Wendy takes all of her sexual frustrations on her new friend! We take it to her.

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So what do you do when a MEMBER (2 years running) writes you, and asks if she can try it? Answer, you see if they are all talk and no action. Kassy brought it; she had an Amazonian toughness that would not break. Any other members dare to try?

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Mariah is bound to the bar and through the top catch on each clamp. Then is tied down to a bench for deep fucking! The beautiful Mariah, if he can perform to her standards. She continues to struggle in vain. These ropes are tight!

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Anna Mills is back and the Sgt. is all up on it. Anna is a tough cookie and it takes a lot to rattle her, but the Sgt still got to her. Tight crotch ropes, forced orgasms, and flogging clothespins off the nipples is what you get this week. Anna looks great all tied up and helpless! You almost feel sorry for her--almost.

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Helping out at the clinic cleaning up the exam room, Nika Noire is caught snooping into Audrey Leigh's confidential medical files. The punishment is swift and harsh. Nika is restrained and electrostim pads are applied to her breasts. The punishment continues with a spanking, tit clamps are applied, and she's gagged. She's strapon fucked and smothered. Finally it's time to waterboard the bitch. How much more can she resist?